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Fort Greene stinks

We posted last week about the tardiness of our neighborhood’s trash collection. Well since then the trash has been sitting on the sidewalk for 7 days! Trash starts to stink when left to the elements for that long, and it didn’t help that everybody (and I didn’t notice any exceptions in a cursory stroll through the neighborhood) put even more trash out on Sunday, not knowing Monday was a holiday that sanitation workers do not work. I scrambled for my iphone when I heard the suprisingly pleasant screech of the trash truck this morning (apologies for the obscured shot). I still haven’t called the city to see what gives, but I plan to!


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A reader complained to us about the sorry state of sanitation collection in Fort Greene (it’s not our fault, ok?). Looking around at the trash-strewn sidewalks, he may be on to something. These piles of recycling on S Oxford have been there since yesterday morning. Anyone else noted problems with collection? We’ll put in a call with the sanitation dept. if it seems like a bigger problem.

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