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New bike shop on Lafayette?

bespokes1That’s according to the sign on the window beside The Pig on Lafayette and S Elliot. It’s gonna be called Bespoke Bicycles, and if the shop is more than a mere pun, you’ll be able to have your bike tailor-made (but it’s probably just a pun). About time we got a bike place in the neighborhood.

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Message to a Bike Thief

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Whoever posted this note near Applebees on Dekalb Ave on what was left of their bike is either philosophical or just really sarcastic. Read for yourself:

You stole my bike, but left the front wheel. Obviously I have no use for it now (or the lock for that matter). To return the bike for a reward) or to simply receive the keys to the lock (and therefore get access to the wheel – which is new – it was recently replaced) please email: ucheapbikestealingypsybeggar

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Bike Move

A Fort Greene resident, who moved to Crown Heights because her rent was too high, decided to save money on the moving expenses by using bikes. Streetfilms shows what happens when you use two wheels instead of four. It’s all when and good if you have friends with rickshaws.

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