Just a quick PSA: The Greene Hill Food Coop is having a general meeting tonight. If you’re a first timer and you’d like to find out some general info, show up 15 minutes early and there will be someone there to answer questions. Members will be voting on whether to make the coop a 100% worker or partial/non-worker coop. Exciting!

Here are the deets: 7 p.m. at the Queen of All Saints Church, corner of Lafayette and Vanderbilt.


FG ‘tude

I want to start a discussion about the service in FG. Let’s see if I can do this without being whiny cuz it’s actually kind of funny now: service in FG is a  beast of its own. There is not one food or beverage establishment that doesn’t exude the malaise. Sometimes it’s charming, like we live in a small town. Other times it’s just baffling: the crew at lil pig would always forget me within the five minutes I’d be waiting in front of them for my food. At Pequena one night, I tested them: I called them to order and they put me on hold, which I’ve noticed is their thing. While I was on hold, I walked over there. I walked inside, still on hold and noticed the phone hanging off the hook. The waitress approached me instantly and asked what I’d like and I said, ‘I’d like to order a salad but so you know, you still have me on hold.'” She said, ‘hold on a minute,’ and went and took drink orders from a table in there. I walked out. One morning, I needed a packet of rice cakes. Plain, salty rice cakes: I went to Provisions, Fresh Garden and the evil deli (the older one on Fulton, which is far less evil since Fresh Garden opened): Not a salty rice cake on the shelf. There were garlic rice cakes and seaweed rice cakes at Fresh Garden and Provisions have stocked them since I erupted in my morning rush: “someone needs to have rice cakes in the neighborhood.” But the point is, I rushed from here to there to no avail, despite there being all these gourmelis in the ‘hood. What’s it gonna be, FG: small town or yuppyville. I’ll settle with one or the other but not middle ground.

Flea Circus

The New York Daily News reports today on the on-going bad blood in the neighborhood being generated by the popularity of Brooklyn Flea:

Hipsters and old-timers of a Brooklyn neighborhood continued to clash over a popular new flea market Sunday, just days after a peace summit over the squabble erupted in shouting.

Angry encounters over parking between shoppers and local churchgoers nearly ended in blows yesterday.

(via NY Daily News)

Fierce Animal

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Looks like the neighborhood dog population is increasing – so much so that the dogs are turning on each other during off-leash hours. One resident reports that her dog was left with serious wounds after a pit bull attack this morning. The President of the park’s pets society sent an email to members saying that this kind of attack is on the increase on account of overcrowding. Meanwhile, the owner of “Bonnie Dolnick” wants to know which dog attacked hers (presumably so she can send the $200 vet bill).

The Onion alerts us to an alarming trend: the aristocratization of the neighborhood. As Fort Greene resident Neil Getz tells the paper:

“Around here, you used to be able to get a Fair-Trade latte and a chocolate-chip croissant for only eight bucks,” said Getz, who is planning to move back in with his parents after being forced out of the lease on his organic grocery store by a harpsichord purveyor. “Now it’s all tearooms and private salon gatherings catered with champagne and suckling pig. Who can afford that

How have you noticed aristocratization changing your block? Any new opera houses or horse drawn carriages or servant’s quarters you’ve noticed recently?

Dogs In Bags

The Brooklyn Flea begins today and is bustling as I type. Not the best day for it—unlike yesterday it’s frosty and gray outside. Lots of purple lips and red noses. The hot waffles stand from Wafels & Dinges was by far the hot spot with a steady line curling down one aisle of the Flea. Have to say: I was slightly underwhelmed by the wares on sale. But let me not focus on the negative so early in the life of the Flea. There were some pretty great jewelry stalls (I was eyeing a few YOVA Design pieces) and a few ladies and lads from Beaver St. Bikes were busy doing repairs. And amid all the hatted browsers and strapped-in babies, the highlight of my day: a number of adorable dogs in bags. Everywhere we turned there was a dog in a bag. Leather totes and canvas “I Am Not a Plastic Bag” bags were sprouting an ear here, a snout there. So we started snapping as stealthily as we could because we realized these people were not just keeping their hounds warm but avoiding retribution from “the authorities” standing at the entrance “enforcing” a scrappy sign on the fence declaring “No Dogs”! We’re pretty sure one young lady carrying her dog with her bare hands got a talking to, but for the most part the “guards” seemed more occupied with analysis of people’s purchases—we overheard one saying, “did you see that dresser? That was ugly.” We got a few good shots though and will be back for more next week. As far as we can tell, the rule of thumb is: No Dogs (Except for Dogs In Bags)

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No Love for Book Store

The small book store at the corner of S Oxford and Fulton is closing and the managers are stating a reason: lack of appreciation. Do they mean there was animosity from the neighbors, or is it just about poor sales? The space is owned by the tire shop next door and someone there told us that it fetches $2,200 a month. Wonder if the next business will feel appreciated.